No More Rotten Eggs
A Dozen Steps to Grade AA Talent Management

Hiring the right person is not an easy undertaking. When we go to the market to buy eggs, do we just grab a carton off the shelf and put it into the shopping cart? Of course we don’t. We open the carton to make sure that all of the eggs are intact and fresh. We may go through several cartons before we find the one we like with fresh, unspoiled, un-cracked eggs.

Why don’t we use as much care in our hiring process? The evidence points out that instead of getting the top performer we set out to find for our business, we often end up with a “rotten egg” that truly makes a mess out of our efforts to build a top notch team.

According to Peter Drucker, “One third or more of all hiring decisions are outright failures and in no other area of our business would we tolerate such dismal performance.”

Thriving companies are raising the bar on their human assets. Jim Collins, author of Good to Great says, “The old adage, people are your most important asset is wrong. People are not your most important asset. The RIGHT people are.”

The consequences of a bad hire can destroy a business:

Consider the wasted investment in completing the hire, wasted hours of training, loss in productivity due to poor performance and the poor morale that then permeates the entire company. Ultimately there is the loss of customer confidence and the lost sales.


No More Rotten Eggs – A Dozen Steps to Grade AA Talent Management defines a proven process that will let Peter Drucker rest easy and meet the goal that Jim Collins has defined. The first eleven steps of the process recognize the shortcomings in most company hiring practices and provide guidance, samples and tools that when followed will guarantee a top hire. No More Rotten Eggs helps you define not only the skills that you need but also the behaviors that will fit the role and blend with your team. Techniques for recruiting and interviewing will keep hiring managers focused on getting the right fit and not be derailed in the process. Assessments of intelligence, personality and common sense that will contribute to employee's success on their job. An objective assessment of candidates ensures the real top performer is selected; Finishing touches ensure against a negligent hire. Step 12 will help managers eliminate the bad hires that they made before they learned our process. All that remains then is the Grade AA Talent that will make a competitive, stable, well-led workforce.


Flourishing companies have realized that they get the best return on their investment by creating a competent, stable, well-led workforce. First, they follow the process of No More Rotten Eggs to put in place systems and processes that enable them to hire the right people the first time. They also raise the bar and upgrade their leadership. Finally, they create and promote a culture that ensures retention of those top performers.

Hiring is no longer a simple matter of filling job openings. To be successful, hiring managers must use a multi-dimensional process. This process must be validated and have as its projected output a Grade AA quality hire the first time and every time. This book is all about such a process.


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