Employee Handbooks


Every business, no matter how large or small, needs to have its own employee handbook. When employees and managers have the same understanding of the rules and policies, the better they can work together. The employee handbook defines the ground rules and the expectations in advance as well as the company benefits and policies, which in turn makes your business stronger and on firmer legal ground.

The completed handbook should address all areas of policy including the following:

  • Employment At-Will
  • Introductory Period
  • Hours Work/Overtime
  • Equal Employment Opportunity
  • Benefits
  • Vacation/Sick Leave
  • Pay Periods
  • Tobacco/Drug Free
  • Employee Classifications
  • Hours of Operation
  • And More...


We have created a 22 page handbook that provides you the ability to publish your employee handbook virtually in minutes. It has been recently updated to reflect policies in response to the latest workplace issues and which are critical to your company. This is not just a list of policies but rather it is a thoroughly developed policy manual based on the latest guidance from both legal and Human Resource experts. The only thing it lacks is your company name and information.

This document is provided in an MS Word (.doc) format so that it can be quickly tailored. All that is needed is to insert your company name and history and you will have a finished document with all of the pertinent policies recommended to be included in a handbook. We do encourage that you check the final product with your company attorney to validate the policies.

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Price $149