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Background Checks



Background Checking

Statistics reveal that nearly 40% of employment application information from applicants is falsified. A few more statistics from 2005 Annual Applicant Statistics as reported by InfoLink Screening Services:

  •  8.5% have a criminal record

  • 41% have motor vehicle violations including DUI's and possession of drugs

  • 41.2% of credit reports have negative information

  • 36.5% of past employment verifications had inconsistencies

  • 14.1% provided false or inconsistent information about their education.

  • 8.5% provided false or inconsistent information about professional license certifications

  • 25.2% provided false or inconsistent military service

TG & Associates utilizes Trusted Employees Background Services Inc. for standard background checking. It normally includes a person's criminal history, arrest warrants/felony convictions, driving record and credit information.

More in depth searches such as employment record and education checks can be checked at an additional cost. The turn-a-around time is 24-48 hours but may vary depending on how many times the person has moved.

Depending on the state of application's residency additional forms may be required. 

Please fax us back the signed release form to complete the background check.

  Price: $150

Cognitive Assessments


Cognitive Testing/General Intelligence

It may be of interest that the National Football League began using cognitive assessments to determine if the recruits that they were bringing into the league had the necessary intelligence. Although there were some rare exceptions, it was generally consistent that the best players had high IQ levels, particularly quarterbacks. They had the ability to learn the plays and know how to execute them and adapt as necessary on a volatile ball field. Players in other positions did not score as well, but overall there was a definite correlation between level and performance on the fields.

Other industries have no exception to that rule. There is a strong correlation between intelligence and the ability to learn the intricacies of the position, processes and the company and to be able to adapt to changing conditions. TG & Associates utilizes a combination of online and written pre-employment tests to measure cognitive ability. Research has proven that cognitive ability or general intelligence is the single greatest predictor of job success for any position as it gives you the objective information you need to make the right hiring decision.

Cognitive tests are administered via an online assessment during prescreening of applicants and via hard copy proctored tests for consulting and final interviews.

Testing of Office Software Skills

We are now offering the ability to evaluate candidates on line for their skill level in the use of several Microsoft tools. These include all MS Office Programs (Access, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint and Word) as well as Windows XP (earlier Windows versions are also available). The report identifies the areas tested, the results for each area and an overall skill level. They are all available on line. Results turnaround is one business day (or less).


Emotional Intelligence (TEIQue) Assessments

Trait Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire (TEIQue)

What is TEIQue?

The Trait Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire (TEIQue) is a personality assessment that measures an individual’s Emotional Intelligence potential. It tells you how well your people understand and manage their emotions, how well they interpret and deal with the emotions of others, and how they use this knowledge to manage relationships. It can provide answers to questions such as:

• Do they excel at developing relationships?

• How aware is this person of their strengths and limitations?

• How self motivated and adaptable is this person?

• To what extent does this person modify their behavior to suit changing situations?

• Is this person overly cautious or prone to taking excessive risks?

• How does this person react to pressure? • Can they control their impulses when under stress?

• How sensitive is this person to other people’s emotions?

• Could this person drive change in the organization?

How can TEIQue help you?


The TEIQue helps you select candidates who can thrive in a changing and complex “people” environment. Recruiting candidates with the ideal Emotional Intelligence for their role requirements helps them cope with stress, conflict, low morale and change most effectively.



People leave managers, not companies. Emotionally intelligent managers have high self-awareness, are excellent communicators and can adapt their natural leadership style to suit a variety of situations. As a result, their teams tend to be well motivated and have high morale, which contributes to retaining staff.



The TEIQue creates an environment of understanding that enables you to develop your managers’ self-awareness. TEIQue results allow senior leaders, OD, HR and training practitioners to understand the unique training requirements for each individual and also collate group results to identify opportunities for development programs for the entire organization.



There is a direct link between the level of open and honest communication from a manager and how people feel and perform in their job*. Emotional Intelligence is a vital element of effective leadership, allowing leaders to have excellent self awareness, be skilled communicators, and adapt their natural leadership style to a variety of people and situations.

                                          *CIPD Employee Outlook, Year Review Summer 2010

What you get 

Thomas TEIQue takes 20 minutes to complete and you are provided with a report that shows the potential for an individual in terms of 4 main factors and 15 distinct facets:

Well-Being Factor

• Facets: Happiness, Optimism, Self-esteem

Self-Control Factor

• Facets: Emotion Regulation, Impulse Control, Stress Management

Emotionality Factor

• Facets: Empathy, Emotion Perception, Emotion Expression, Relationships

Sociability Factor

• Facets: Emotion Management, Assertiveness, Social Awareness

Independent Facets

• Facets: Adaptability, Self-motivation

Along with percentile scores for each facet and factor listed above, the report provides an overall Global percentile score, which highlights a very broad snapshot of an individual’s overall Emotional Intelligence. Moving further into the report, you are provided with a detailed summary of each factor and facet, explaining the impact of each score and strategies to manage and develop those facets most important in the role or to the individual.

Click Here for a Sample Report

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Thomas Personality Profile System

TG & Associates supports the Thomas Personality Profile system. The system is based on the DISC methodology, and is validated, accessible online, and EEOC compliant. (Psychology, Validity and Reliability PPA Technical Summary available.)

The Thomas system is highly recommended for a more in-depth and complete recruiting process. To view the Thomas DISC Chart of Behavioral Characteristics click here.

Personal Profile Analysis

The Personal Profile Analysis (PPA) provides insights into people's behavioral style at work, answering questions such as – What are their strengths and limitations? Are they self-starters? How do they communicate? What motivates them?

The PPA enables understanding of work style, to assist with identifying people's work strengths. This gives your leaders valuable insight into why people behave as they do, how to leverage their strengths for greatest success, and how to develop their potential.

It can be used to:

Improve your employee selection process
Increase retention of key staff
Enable more effective leadership

Insights gained from the PPA also enhance self-awareness, to help people develop their strengths and limit their challenges.

Once a behavioral assessment is completed (see sample reports) you select the relevant reports shown below to guide understanding of individuals, job fit, and teams.

  • Key Benefits
  • Fast, accurate, and cost effective
  • Takes only 8-10 minutes to complete
  • Adds objectivity
  • Enables more effective people management

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Price: $150

Additional Reports Can be Generated for $65 Each
Call Center Audit
Candidate Feedback
Career Guide
Customer Service Audit
Executive Summary
General Interview Questionnaire
Human Job Analysis
How to Effectively Manage
Management Audit
Management Interview Questionnaire
Personal Review
Sales Audit
Sales Interview Questionnaire
Strengths & Limitations Summary
Technical/Administrative Audit
Training Analysis
*Compatibility Report is $120

New Assessment Tool

TG & Associates is delighted to be able to offer the Thomas 360 review process. This is an on line assessment tool that allows those individuals who know something about a person to rate their leadership or sales performance. The process can incorporate the comments of direct reports, peers, managers and even customers into a detailed feedback report that can raise individual self awareness and create an opportunity for individual development and improved team effectiveness.

The Thomas360 takes approximately 15 – 30 minutes to complete. The questionnaire contains 3 parts:

1)      45 Statements rated on a 1 – 7 scale

2)      9 Competencies to rank in order of priority for the recipient’s role

3)      Written comments about the recipients key strengths and areas for development


The system allows for a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 25 respondents who can be: peers, managers, team members, direct reports, and even customers. We will send electronic invitations to the individual and all respondents inviting them to complete the 360 feedback online. As soon as all questionnaires are completed we will generate the 360 Report and arrange for a time with the candidate for a follow-up and debrief. A copy of the report can also be provided to the manager of the recipient.


Read More


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Price: $200
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$ales Max/Select

Does your candidate have the right personality for sales success? Use $alesMax to find the candidates probability of success to make an informed decision.

$alesMax examines the three areas that affect successful selling; sales personality, knowledge and motivations. The $alesMax was designed and has been validated to consistently identify candidates who have excellent sales potential.

$ales Max Select

This report identifies behaviors, knowledge, motivators for business to business relationship sales and it also rates the probability of success. $ales Max was developed and designed to help sales managers make better, better informed hiring decisions. The goal of $alesMax is to increase the potential of hiring top performers more often than underperformers. It provides interview questions and reference probes for use during the selection process.

Price: $225

$ales Max Development

The $alesMax Development Report is designed to be used once you have hired the individual. The report uses the strengths and weaknesses from the selection report to design a personalized development program based on information provided by the American Management Association and other notable resources. The report includes recommended corrective actions including behavioral suggestions, training and recommended reading

Price: $225

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$ales Max Select & Development

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