TG & Associates

Bill and DebDebra Thompson and Bill Greif formed TG & Associates in 1995 because they recognized that small business owners were having increasing difficulty in complying with the demands for human resource services. It was patently clear that the easy days of finding, developing and retaining employees were over, and that the discipline needed and time required was not something small business owners and their managers could easily focus on.

For over twenty years now, Debra and Bill have worked to increase the understanding of business owners and managers to the importance of having the right people in the right positions for success. At the outset of TG & Associates, Debra and Bill decided to focus on three underlying elements of business success:

  • Processes and procedures to cover how everything in the business is to be done.
  • Every business must have competent, stable and well-led employees for a competitive advantage.
  • Healthy and frequent communication is the glue that holds it all together.

Debra and Bill began the development of services and products that would enable owners and managers to put those basic elements in place. They also promoted the internal customer concept as central to business success.

In the early years, Debra and Bill developed the How to Series that provided owners and managers the key processes and tools for finding, developing and retaining top performers. The majority of that material is still very relevant today and continues to be implemented by their customers.

Over the years, Debra and Bill also assisted, or in many cases, conducted the entire hiring for companies all across North America. Their efforts resulted in the creation and validation of a step-by-step model hiring process – a disciplined approach to hiring that was guaranteed to provide top employees. This hiring process included the necessary hiring assessments, products and resources to evaluate the prospective candidates. The process also incorporates defined benchmarks along the way to eliminate poor candidates and focus only on the optimum candidates.

This validated process became the foundation for their book: No More Rotten Eggs – A Dozen Steps to Grade AA Talent Management, which was published by McGraw-Hill in 2010. Because of changes in technology and enhanced testing and screening capabilities, this book is currently being rewritten and will be available to purchase in Fall 2017.

Today, TG & Associates points with pride at the recognition of their customer base that they have indeed achieved their vision: The Experts in the Human Side of Business. All of their efforts, their products and their services are intended to increase this awareness and help organizations recruit, develop and retain only top performers.