Job Create Profile

The Job Create Profile tools enable you to quickly and easily determine the behavioral requirements for any role at any level in your organization. This provides you with a standard against which to measure candidates’ job fit, and a perfect tool for developing current employees in the role or those transitioning into the role.  This Interactive Job Create feature can be completed individually or in a group.

There are several tools available to assist in creating the Job Create profile. We will help you select the best option for you and your organization.

  • Job Create:  This tool is used to assess the soft skills/behavioral characteristics of the role and not technical/hard skills. Use to define a new role or to review an existing role.
  • Job Template:  There is also an option to select from a range of Job profile templates and adjust to suit your role. Choose from templates in the following categories: Administration, Sales, Accounts, Technical and Management.
  • Job Questionnaire:  Rate a series of 24 statements about the job role in terms of their importance. This can be completed online or on a hard copy then transferred into the program to obtain the results.

This feature is FREE and highly recommended as part of our hiring process.