Wonderlic© Personnel Test – Quicktest (WPT-Q)

Estimate a candidate’s cognitive ability – from any location with an Internet connection. The online version is a secure, Internet-based platform that provides a quick and easy way to administer the assessment and view score results.


  • Save time by pre-qualifying candidates before onsite interviews.
  • Assess an individual’s ability to learn.
  • Avoid costly mis-hires
  • Decrease training time

The WPT-Q is a short form measure of general intelligence or cognitive ability – the most powerful predictor of success on the job. Cognitive ability assessments measure an applicant’s ability to learn, adapt, solve problems and understand instructions. For all candidates, testing for math skills and comprehension is important. We have found the WPT-Q to be a very good measure of general intelligence. In use for over 75 years, with 200 million administrations to date, Wonderlic cognitive ability tests are among the most widely used and respected aptitude tests in the world.

TG & Associates is authorized by Wonderlic to administer the assessment on an individual basis. It takes only 8-minutes of the candidate’s time, and our clients rely on us to help interpret the results and the relevance to the position being filled. We have been using Wonderlic for over 20 years, and have been able to benchmark the Minimum Acceptable Scores for the most common position within the Graphics Industry.

In addition, we are able to obtain from Wonderlic suggested minimum cut score ranges for any job based upon US Department of Labor statistics. Because WPT-Q Internet administrations are unsupervised, scores are reported in terms of “Pursue”, “Cautionary” or “Not Recommended.”

A sample report generated by WPT-Q.

Language: English only.

Price: $25 each