• Human Resource Forms
      • 34 forms that managers can incorporate into their hiring, developing and retaining of employees. These documents meet EEOC and ADA guidelines.
    • Job Descriptions
      • 38 different job descriptions to choose from. When you download one of our job descriptions, you will get it in two formats. The first is a PDF document so that the original file can be maintained for future reference. The second format is an MS Word (.doc) format so that the job description can be tailored to include other specific information that is relevant to the company needs.
    • HirePro
      • In addition to the many products and services TG & Associates has available for finding and hiring top performers, they have recently teamed up with Idealliance to create HirePro, an online educational certification program designed to enhance your ability to hire the right person the first time.
      • This 2-1/2 hour course includes engaging online video learning and includes download links to all the necessary forms and guidelines you will need, and all of it can be customized to reflect your company branding.
      • Recruiting, interviewing, and hiring new employees are specific skills you must develop to ensure success within your organization. This program offers a step-by-step formula to develop these hiring skills, designed specifically for the graphic and media industry.