Employee Handbook Template

This handbook template provides suitable material for the most common content found in such manuals. It is based on the typical standards of employment rules and benefits. It can be tailored to include different standards and benefits if it is so desired. This template has been created in MS Word. Once you have updated the handbook to comply with your company guidelines, you may want to spruce it up, make it a .pdf and design a cover.

There are over 140 places in the handbook where the company brand name needs to be inserted. The use of the Edit/Replace function in MS Word is very useful for doing so, but a thorough reading of the manual to ensure all changes were made is strongly encouraged.

In the company history section, the manual needs to be modified to incorporate the history of your company. This section is a loose guide for suitable content, but this is an opportunity to brag about the special history of your company and to acquaint new employees with that history and an understanding of the company culture.

The first page of the handbook is an acknowledgement form that must be signed by the employee and maintained in the employee file. The employee signature acknowledges that the manual has been read and all of the provisions are understood.

Once the employee handbook has been tailored, it should be reviewed by your company attorney to verify that it is in conformance with your local state laws. In particular, recent revisions for verifying immigration status for some states will require the use of the Federal E-Verify database. Your attorney should be able to determine how these changes affect your company.

The manual should be reviewed periodically to incorporate any new employment rules or to release benefit changes and any new policies. If it is revised, a new employee acknowledgement form must be completed and added to the employee file.

NOTE: This Employee Handbook Template is intended to provide accurate information in regard to the subject matter covered. It is being sold with the understanding that Debra Thompson, Bill Greif and TG & Associates, LLC, are not engaged in rendering legal services. It is strongly recommended that you seek out legal counsel to verify that all information in your Employee Handbook is accurate for your workplace.

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