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“One third or more of all hiring decisions are outright failures and in no other area of the business would we tolerate such dismal performance.”– Peter Drucker
(Peter Drucker is considered to be the single most important thought leader in the world of management.)

Thriving businesses develop and follow processes that are designed for success. The hiring process is no different. After years of research and experience, TG & Associates created a proven process model for making a good hire that, when followed, ensures the best possible fit for the job and your business. Finding and hiring a top performer is the essential first step in building your competitive advantage.

In addition to the many products and services TG & Associates has available for finding and hiring top performers, they have recently teamed up with Idealliance to create HirePro, an online educational certification program designed to enhance your ability to hire the right person the first time.

Recruiting, interviewing, and hiring new employees are specific skills you must develop to ensure success within your organization. This program offers a step-by-step formula to develop these hiring skills, designed specifically for the graphic and media industry. The course includes engaging online video learning and includes download links to all the necessary forms and guidelines you will need, and all of it can be customized to reflect your company branding.

Attending this course will expand your ability to:

  • Write effective job descriptions
  • Use proven recruiting and prescreening practices
  • Follow guidelines and tools for assessing personality and general intelligence
  • Conduct a thorough and structured interview
  • Stay EEOC and ADA compliant throughout the entire hiring process

Course Lessons:

  1. Job Descriptions – understand their importance and how to create an accurate position description
  2. Define the Person for the Position – follow a formula to quickly and easily determine the behavioral requirements of a job role.
  3. Recruit – craft your ad and identify successful methods of recruiting
  4. Prescreen – an elimination step to quickly weed out applicants who are not viable for the position
  5. Employment Application – understand the legalities and importance of this form
  6. Testing – utilize specific assessments for intelligence, work behavior, emotional intelligence, learning potential and more
  7. Interview – strategy to conduct a structured session and obtain the information you need to make the right decision
  8. Reference Check – why and how to conduct proper and revealing reference investigating
  9. Hiring Decision – a system in place for an objective assessment
  10. Make the Offer – understand all the components of the offer
  11. Final Checks – conduct other actions to ensure you have the best hire and have protected the organization


Who should attend:

This course is highly recommended for business owners, managers, supervisors and human resource personnel who are involved with any part of the hiring process. Whether you are new or a veteran at hiring, you will find valuable and up-to-date information that you can use immediately.

Additional information:

The average lesson is 12 minutes and total run time for this course is 2-1/2 hours.

Course Instructor:

Debra Thompson


Certification by Idealliance upon completion of this course is included. At the end of the course there is a Certification Exam. The exam is online and consists of multiple choice and true/false questions. With 80% passing proficiency, you will be awarded a professional certification and inclusion in the Idealliance Directory of Certified Experts. This course was created for members of Idealliance, but is also available for non-members.

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