Human Resource Forms

People management requires discipline and processes. To help with these processes, we have assembled the forms that managers need to incorporate into their hiring, developing and retaining of employees. These documents meet EEOC and ADA guidelines.


Basic Set of HR Department Forms

The basic set of forms contains 34 forms that provide the structure needed to manage your HR processes. These can be reproduced as needed to cover all aspects of talent management. The entire folder can be downloaded and are ready to use.

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If you prefer, you can download individual forms as needed. They are $5.99 each and can be reproduced as needed. The forms that are available are listed below:

Buy Download Anti-discrimation Guidelines
This is a representative guide to unacceptable and acceptable questions to be used in interviews. It is not all-inclusive. Be sure to check with local resources to be sure that you are in compliance with your state’s laws.
Buy Download Candidate Evaluation Form
Each interviewer should evaluate the candidates in the areas that were determined to be important when the job assessment worksheet was prepared. Use this form to help capture the information objectively and an interviewer recommendation.
Buy Download CSR Training Timeline
Use this sample training timetable for a Customer Service Representative as a template for helping develop your CSR’s at a particular rate to stay on track.
Buy Download Decision Matrix
How to decide since they all seemed great? Use this form to objectively score each candidate against the criteria that was established in the job assessment and using the data from the candidate evaluation form. This will guide in the ranking of the candidates and support your decision.
Buy Download Driver Application Form
This is a supplemental form to the Employment Application that captures additional information needed to evaluate drive candidates.
Buy Download Employee Attendance Record
Use the attendance record to track not only days worked but also to record paid and unpaid absences and track vacation or personal time off allowances.
Buy Download Employee Compensation and Benefit Summary
Do they really know the value of their compensation? Use this form to let the employees know the value of their salary and benefits. Use it for the new employee but also update it whenever there is a change in compensation or benefits.
Buy Download Employee Counseling Report
Record all disciplinary actions on this form. Make sure that the infraction, the discipline and the consequences are clearly recorded and understood. Unrecorded disciplinary action does not hold up in court.
Buy Download Employee History
An employee file is essential. This form provides a format for keeping important information as well as the employee history in that employee file.
Buy Download Employee Interaction Report
Record all conversations with employees using this form to keep in the employee file. Interactions can be discussion on employee problems, rewards and recognition conversations or follow-ups on satisfactory response to a disciplinary action.
Buy Download Employee Referral Form
Set up an employee referral program and use this form to let your employees nominate others for your openings.
Buy Download Employee Training Plan and Record
Use this training record to record the agreed upon training plan and its accomplishment.
Buy Download Employment Application
This is an EEOC and ADA compliant form that you can use to capture the necessary applicant information. It also includes the language to authorize reference and background checking when signed by the applicant.
Buy Download Expanded Internal Customer Survey
This survey goes a little deeper into the internal customer satisfaction. It provides more areas for evaluation and more opportunities to capture suggested improvements. Once again, do not do surveys unless there is a real intent to respond to the results.
Buy Download Final Exit Interview Form
Use this form to document the exit interview. Employee retention planning needs to address the issues that employees have and in particular those who have decided to leave. Know why they leave so that corrective actions can be taken.
Buy Download I-9 Form – FREE

(Free download includes two PDF files – a hard copy version and a fillable version.)
Each employee must complete the I-9 Form supported by appropriate documentation at the term of hire. If the candidate cannot complete the form, he or she must be terminated.

Buy Download Internal Customer Survey
Each employee is a customer of other employees in the company. This internal survey is important to check the pulse of the company and see if the internal customers are satisfied. This simple format addresses their views at a top level. Repeat it periodically to track issues and evaluate the impact of corrective actions. Do not do surveys unless there is a real intent to respond to the results.
Buy Download Job Assessment Worksheet
What’s in a job? Use this form to capture all the information that defines the job. Use the data to generate the formal job description. Don’t begin a recruiting effort until you know exactly what you are looking for.
Buy Download Monthly Staff Meeting
The monthly staff meeting needs a structured agenda. This format helps focus on what is important and ensures that everyone is aware of what is going on in the company.
Buy Download New Employee Orientation Program Checklist
Start the new employee off on the right foot. Use this form to guide your orientation process and make sure that everything is covered.
Buy Download Performance Evaluation and Career Development
This interactive form provides for a recording of responsibilities and accomplishments, a structure for performance evaluation and discussion and career planning. It provides for employee and manager inputs so there is a clear understanding of the employee status.
Buy Download Personnel Appraisal
This form provides a simplified structure and an appraisal guideline to be used in periodic performance evaluations. Use it regularly so that both the manager and the employee are on the same page in the performance assessment.
Buy Download Professional Communication Self-Assessment
Communication is the glue that holds everything together. Everyone in the organization should use this self assessment regularly to evaluate how well they are communicating and identify areas that need improvement.
Buy Download Reference Checking Form
Use this form to guide you through the reference checking process and ensure that you ask the key questions and capture the responses.
Buy Download Request for Verification of Employment
Some references will only respond in writing to a written request. Use this form to send to the companies that have that requirement. This form also includes an authorization from the applicant when signed.
Buy Download Resignation Notice
When an employee feels the need to move on, this format gives them the means to document their intent to leave, their reasons and important information for contacting them in the future. This can be incorporated into the policy manual or employee handbook.
Buy Download Sample Letter of Non-Selection
Don’t leave the other candidates hanging. Use this form to notify those who were non-selected. It is both professional and courteous to do so.
Buy Download Sample Offer Letter
Put the offer in writing. It is important to act quickly and make a verbal offer when the right person is found, but a written offer is critical to capture completely the conditions of employment. Use this guide to accurately depict what was agreed upon for the job.
Buy Download Structured Interview Questions
What should I ask? This form provides a set of EEOC and ADA compliant questions that cover both general employment and position specific questions. Select from these questions to conduct an interview that is consistent, comprehensive and fair.
Buy Download Structured Interview Question Answer Sheet
Record the answers to the structured interview. Don’t trust memory to help you distinguish between several candidates. Use this form for each candidate interviewed. Do not make your notes on the employment application.
Buy Download Telephone Prescreen CSR
Do not plan to bring in every candidate for a full structure interview. Use the telephone prescreen to eliminate those who do not fit the requirements. This form is a sample form that can be tailored to explore those areas that are important to the position you are trying to fill.
Buy Download Termination Checklist
The termination meeting can be painful and disruptive for everyone. Use this checklist to make sure that nothing is forgotten during the stress of the encounter and that the termination is handled professionally.
Buy Download Termination Planning Checklist
Sometimes it doesn’t work out. Before an employee is terminated, use this checklist to make sure that all actions are being done correctly and that all manager and employee rights are considered and fairly handled. Wrongful termination suits can be prevented if they are handled correctly.
Buy Download Time-Off Request
A formal request for time off makes sure there are no misunderstandings about when there will be an employee absent.