Job Descriptions

Today’s Quick and Commercial Printers are changing dramatically as they undertake new technologies and a wide variety of services. No longer focused on single products, companies are looking to become well versed in all facets of the multi-media world we live in. Jon Gordon, author of The Energy Bus, talked about the need to decide on where your bus is going and what seats you need on the bus. Once those decisions are made, then it is essential that we define the nature of those seats and articulate them clearly in job descriptions. In a time when the major concern in the industry is finding and retaining a skilled labor force, the well-prepared job description is a must-have for recruiting, interviewing, training and managing.

From the time we established TG & Associates, we recognized the most serious short coming in growing a competent, stable, well-led workforce was the absence of clear definitions of the tasks needing to be accomplished and the qualifications needed to execute those tasks. We set out to rectify that problem by creating an inventory of job descriptions that are clients could use as the foundation for hiring, developing and managing their team.

When you download one of our job descriptions, you will get it in two formats. The first is a PDF document so that the original file can be maintained for future reference. The second format is an MS Word (.doc) format so that the job description can be tailored to include other specific information that is relevant to the company needs.

Search the list of job descriptions shown below and select those that you need to build your team.


Each job description is available for download at a cost of $19.95.

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