Background Checks

Statistics reveal that nearly 40% of employment application information from applicants is falsified. A few more statistics from 2005 Annual Applicant Statistics as reported by InfoLink Screening Services:

  • 8.5% have a criminal record
  • 41% have motor vehicle violations including DUI’s and possession of drugs
  • 41.2% of credit reports have negative information
  • 36.5% of past employment verifications had inconsistencies
  • 14.1% provided false or inconsistent information about their education
  • 8.5% provided false or inconsistent information about professional license certifications
  • 25.2% provided false or inconsistent military service

TG & Associates utilizes a reliable background checking service for standard background checking. It normally includes a person’s criminal history, arrest warrants/felony convictions, driving record and credit information. We will need a signed release form from the candidate in order to proceed with the background check. Email to order the background check and we will send you the release form by return email.

More in-depth searches such as employment record and education checks can be checked at an additional cost. The turn-a-around time is usually 24-48 hours but may vary depending on the processing time for the state of residence and on how many times the person has moved. The cost varies depending on the fees charged by the state offices but the total cost is usually around $150.

Depending on the state of application’s residency, additional forms may be required.