Hiring Assistance

“We need to take emotion and gut feeling out of the hiring process and do the proper due diligence to find the best candidate.” – Jack Welch, former CEO of General Electric

Following your instincts can often pay off in business – but not so much when it comes to hiring. Landing a good hire is hard work. Basing a decision solely on someone who interviews well or “feels like a good fit” can lead to not doing enough research into the candidate’s skills, experience and references.

Managers find that the toughest part of managing a business is taking the actions needed to bring on new employees. Finding top performers in today’s marketplace encompasses more than writing an ad, interviewing, calling a few references, then making an offer.

As the battle for talent intensifies, employee recruitment and selection has never been more critical. For a myriad of reasons, the dynamics of staffing has changed, so you will need to revolutionize your staffing practices if you plan to be a successful business. Just as in every other aspect of your business, you must put a process in place that will guarantee success in all of your staffing endeavors.

TG & Associates is able to help you with any and all parts of your staffing, from writing the job description to making the final offer.

Below is a validated process that when followed, will guarantee a better hire every time.

Each step will identify the products or personal assistance we offer to help you in your hiring endeavors.

Step 1: Job Descriptions – Shop our current list of 38 different job descriptions that can be tailored for your brand.

Step 2: Define the Person for the Position – TG & Associates uses the Thomas Job Create Profile to quickly and easily determine the behavioral requirements of a job role.

Step 3: Craft your ad and identify successful methods of recruiting – See Sample CSR Ad

Step 4: Prescreen – An elimination step to quickly weed out applicants who are not viable for the position – Sample Prescreen Questions for Customer Service Representative

Step 5: Employment Application – This is a legal document.  We offer an updated Application in the Shopping Cart along with a supplemental Driver’s Application

Step 6: Test – utilize specific assessments for intelligence, work behavior, emotional intelligence, learning potential and more

Step 7: Interview – strategize to conduct a structured session and obtain the information you need to make the right decision

Step 8: Reference Check – Conducting a proper reference check is critical – See shopping cart for Reference Checking Form, or contact TG & Associates to conduct the checks for you.

Step 9: Hiring Decision – a system in place for an objective assessment – see shopping cart of Decision Matrix to help in the decision.

Step 10: Make OfferSample Offer Letter in shopping cart.

Step 11: Final Checks – conduct other actions to ensure you have the best hire and have protected the organization. Click here for information on TG & Associates service for background checking.