Interviewing is an art. Properly conducted, an interview enables the hiring manager to determine the essential information he or she needs to select the candidate who will be a top performer. Proper conduct also means avoiding any questions that could be construed as discriminatory under state or federal employment law.

If you as the hiring manager find it difficult to conduct the structured interview, let us take on this task. We will conduct a thorough phone interview of the candidate(s). Our structured process ensures that we will not be swayed by first impressions, but will confirm that the candidate meets the job requirements and has the necessary experience to fill the position. We will also make sure that the interview does not violate any rules of EEOC and ADA.

As a prerequisite to the phone interview, the candidate must complete the Wonderlic cognitive assessment (WPT) and the Thomas Personal Profile Analysis (PPA) to enable us to incorporate behavioral interviewing questions into the interview. These assessment results will be provided to the hiring manager.

If you desire that we conduct an interview of the candidate(s), please email your request to us ( and provide the job description for the position to be filled, the resume, cover letter and written application completed by the candidate.

The costs for this service are as follows:

Structured Telephone Interview: $200. Includes discussion of interview results with the hiring manager.

Click to see the costs of the prehire assessments: WPT; PPA