Reference Checking

Reference checking is an important, but often frustrating, aspect of the hiring process. When done well, the reference checking process helps hiring managers screen “in” qualified candidates. There are three objectives in obtaining references:

  • Verify Information
  • Protect the organization and its existing employees
  • Avoid legal problems associated with poor hiring decisions

Checking references is another tool to help you hire the right person the first time. DO NOT eliminate this step just because the candidate “appears” good. A few phone calls can verify the information you have received through applications, resumes and interviews. The reference check confirms if the candidate’s past performance measures up to the criteria you have established for the position.

Reference checking also enables hiring managers to determine if applicants have any history of violence or dishonesty. Moreover, obtaining information about applicants’ past job performances and work habits enable employers to identify and reject individuals who are incompetent or have a history of discipline problems or chronic absenteeism. By avoiding the “rotten eggs” who would be a poor fit, you will reap rewards in increased productivity and reduced turnover with the right hires.

Reference checking is critical to a successful hire. If you find that reference checking is not “your cup of tea”, TG & Associates will conduct these checks for you. We recommend at least three professional references for each candidate. As a prerequisite to the reference check, it is recommended the candidate has completed the Wonderlic cognitive assessment (WPT) and the Thomas Personal Profile Analysis (PPA) to enable us to investigate behavioral issues identified in the reports.

If you desire that we conduct reference checks on the candidate(s), please email your request to us ( and provide the job description for the position to be filled, the resume, and written application provided by the candidate. Provide the contact information for the three professional references provided by the candidate.

The costs for this service are as follows:

Structured Reference Check: $50 each. A minimum of three checks is recommended.

Click to see the costs of the pre-hire assessments: WPT; PPA